1. A three years degree course (TDC) shall be of Six Semesters covering three Calendar Years. The schedule for Semester System shall be as follows:
    1. (a) First, Third and Fifth Semester (Odd Semester) July 1 - Dec. 31 (including examination)
    2. (b) Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester (Even Semester) Jan 1 - June 30 (including examination)
  2. Students’ performance will be monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the students’ performance in each of the theory and practical paper will be based on the following: Internal Evaluation : 20% External Evaluation : 80%
  3. Internal evaluation will be done by the Deptt. following G.U. Guidelines and this evaluation will be mainly based on two Sessional Examinations.
  4. External evaluation will be done through a Final examination at the end of the semester.
  5. The pass marks in each theory paper is 30% and in each practical paper is 40%.
  6. In each paper, students must secure pass marks in both the internal as well as the external evaluation separately.
  7. A student who could not appear or failed in any semester examination will be allowed to clear the same as follows: (a) First Semester with the regular Third Semester examination. (b) Second Semester with the regular Fourth Semester examination. (c) Third Semester with regular Fifth Semester examination. (d) Fourth Semester with regular Sixth Semester examination.
  8. A student may be allowed to repeat anyone of the theory paper in the First, Second, Third and Fourth Semester and may be allowed for betterment of marks in one paper in the Fifth Semester, provided the student secures less than 45% marks in that paper.
  9. No repeat / betterment will be allowed in the Practical examination in any semester.
  10. A student must pass all Semester examinations, including “Repeat” and “Betterment” chances within five years from the date of admission of the First Semester course. A student will get a maximum of three chances to clear a particular semester.
  11. In Semester system, there is no scope for a student to appear as a Private candidate in any subject.
  12. The existing rules that, govern the Semester system are subject to change / modification as per Gauhati University notification from time to time.
    N. B. : Any confusion regarding the general guidelines, a student can clear it from the concerned authority of the college.

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