• The Unions or Associations which have been recognised by the Principal shall have the facilities inside the college premises.
  • The Unions or Associations must be subject to guidance and control of the college authority which may be prescribed from time to time.
  • All kinds of notices, banners etc. to be pasted or put up by the students, teachers, office staff or any other person (s) any where in the college shall require the permission and approval of the Principal.
  • Use of Mobile Phone in classroom is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should attend college with proper uniform.
  • Smoking and taking alcoholic drugs are strictly prohibited in the college campus, violation of which invites strong disciplinary action.
  • Any form of ragging in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must look at the Notice Board every day soon after their arrival and before their departure.
  • Blowing horns of any vehicle in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Terms and conditions mentioned in the prospectus are liable to be modified and revised whenever necessary.
  • No form will be aceepted after the last date of submission.
  • Students found absent on the date of admission can’t claim later on.

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