Subjects :

i) English ii) Assamese iii) Pol. Science iv) Philosophy v) Education vi) History vii) Arabic viii) Bodo

i) Econimocs (80) ii) Pol. Science (198) iii) Education (198) iv) Philosophy (198) v) History (80) vi) Elective Assamese (30) vii) Arabic (80) viii) Geography (50) ix) Elective Bodo (80)

(For practical and without practical)

N.B:- For practical subject in semester-I to IV the theory marks is 75 and practical marks is 25 in each paper for major subject

N.B.: Students will be graded as per the Grading System of GU.

    1. In the case of MIL/Alt.Eng, students with Language Major can take a subject/language other than the one in which He/She is offering major e.g. An English Major Student can opt for another language course or take another subject similarly a Hindi Major student may take another subject or Alt English or another language.

    2. Students with English Major, with reference to English I & English II in the 1st & 2nd Semester (1st year) will take an English Paper different from the one taken by students of other subjects.

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